Model Car Workshop

The smallest garage for your bespoke & customized scale model cars.

Terms and conditions

These one off models are made with great care and attention to resemble the original car. The end result depends on the base model and the provided images of the original car. Of course, if necessary, Modelcarworkshop chooses a base model which has the highest resemblance to the actual car.

Resemblance base model

The base model is a plastic or metal model made by others which Modelcarworkshop uses to make the model. As a rule, the base model is not 100% the same as the actual model. Without explicit mentioning, Modelcarworkshop does not change the base model. Examples:

  1. Interior (seats, rear and front, lining, dashboard)
  2. Side of the steering wheel
  3. Ventilation openings
  4. Lights (color of shape)
  5. Wheels (height, width, shape, number of spokes)
  6. Locking mechanism
  7. Badges and logos

Resemblance one off model

The changes on the model is handcraft. The parts Modelcarworkshop uses resemble the reality but they can differ in detail. The Modelcarworkshop tries to make the parts as realalistic as possible. Some degree of imperfection Modelcarworkshop considers to be normal. Examples:

  1. Color of the paint (body and interior)
  2. Design of the lining
  3. Shape and size of spot lamps
  4. Rally equipment (tripmaster, compass, stopwatch)
  5. Color of chrome work and trim

Offer / Payment

You receive an offer based on your images and the base model. The offer is valid for 5 days. In our offer all changes and modifications are mentioned. Without notice the invoice can differ from the offer with maximum 10%. In that case Modelcarworkshop will explain the extra costs.
We charge a 50% downpayment. The remaining sum needs to be paid before Modelcarworkshop sends the finished model.
These bespoke models are unique and reperesent great value to the client. Hence once the work has started on a model no refunds are given and the client has pay the full sum at the moment that the model is ready.
All prices are excluding taxes unless otherwise mentioned.
Payments outside SEPA countries may get a surcharge for transfercosts, generally 30 euro. Payments via Paypal get an additonal surcharge of 4%.

Bank details

IBAN: NL50KNAB0207182760
To: Modelcarworkshop
Subject: Invoice number and car

Delivery period

Normally it takes between 30 and 90 days to customize a model, once started on the model. Backlog can be up to 14 month. Along with the offer Modelcarworkshop gives an indication of the delivery period. However Modelcarworkshop cannot be held to this indication. This is because the models and parts come from all over the world and this causes delay in transport/delivery. Sometimes basic models are out of stock or out of production. In that case Modelcarworkshop will seach for an alternative.

Handling & Delivery

Once finished, the model will be shipped within 72 hours after payment. We are not liable for any delays whilst the item is in transit. Our items are carefully packed. Our items are send as parcel post with additional insurance against loss or damage for €500. However we are not liable for any damage caused to the item whilst in transit or at the customs or other authority. If the item is damaged you must report this to your delivery agent first and send us the official report including photos of the damaged item and package.


Always keep the model out of direct sunlight or heat. Make sure the model is in a dustfree showcase or cabinet. These showcases or displaycases can be ordered as an extra or directly at your local model car supplier.


Without your explicit request photos and videos of the model will be used on fora, website, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and similar social media and in club magazines for the promotions of our activities.

Company details

Modelcarworkshop is located at Prins Bisschoplaan 9, 6093 BR, Heythuysen, the Netherlands, Europe. The Chamber of Commerce number is 56558724. The VAT-number is NL156295313B03.